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Форум о марихуане

форум о марихуане

Лучше пыхнуть марихуаны, чем пить пиво и тем более водки, лично для меня здоровье и самочуствие дороже, ложных стереотипов! Форумы про коноплю · ОЛК - Общество любителей конопли · Дзаги (servicesoffice.ru) · Гроу Клуб (servicesoffice.ru) · Ganja Live (servicesoffice.ru) · Джа Форум (servicesoffice.ru). Форум о выращивании конопли и других растений, гидропоника, indoor, outdoor, гроурепорт. Вопросы о марихуане Выращивание марихуаны и др.

Форум о марихуане

Fortunately, you can go online and find domestic and international seed banks offering a wide range of famous brands and varieties. Our seed bank is recognized as one of the leaders in Ukraine: we offer you the hottest new products. We have the most complete collection of seeds. Do you have interesting experience of cannabis growing?

Do you have a favorite variety? In this section you can share your story and photos with other growers. You can post a question and experienced professionals will give you solutions for your mistakes. All growers run into some problems while growing cannabis. You need to know about possible threats in order to recognize and neutralize them. Despite strong resistance, marijuana plants can get sick or infected.

Read the section Cannabis Diseases and Treatment for a complete list and description of possible infections and diseases. You can learn about first symptoms, the type of pathogen. You can find out how to prevent or treat infections.

Most growers choose the most high-yielding varieties of cannabis because they want to grow great crop. Productivity is an important factor! However, the cultivation of the most productive variety can fail if you do not comply with certain requirements. If you want t learn more about requirements, please read advice books about how to grow cannabis and how to protect your plants from various diseases.

If you are a beginner in cannabis growing, sooner or later you will run into the problems, and you will look for ways of solving different problems with cannabis growing. Read this section of the forum to learn how to organize the lighting, watering and feeding of plants.

Read more information from this section to maximize your chances for success. If you do not know how to germinate cannabis seeds, read this section to learn more. It is the first step of your journey to the harvest: you need to know how to germinate cannabis seeds correctly. Follow some simple rules and you will get high-quality and healthy seedlings from cannabis seeds. If you want to achieve success in germinating marijuana seeds, read about simple rules. Germination of marijuana seeds requires creating some favorable conditions.

Almost every grower knows that watering, darkness and warmth are required for proper process. All three components trigger the germination of the seed. You need to place marijuana seed in warm and dark place. It does not have to be hot and dry: it will kill the seedlings. Keep in mind that the seeds require warmth, moisture and oxygen for germination.

First, you will see a small core root sprouting from the seed, than in a couple of days you will see more growth. Germinated seeds are very easy to break and damage. You have to handle them with care and not to break or cause damage to the future seedlings. At some point of germination, transfer your seedlings to light place to stimulate the processes of photosynthesis.

Indoor growing requires more climate control skills that outdoor growing. Germinated seeds are a great start for the future harvest. Before germination, you should carefully examine your seeds and discard broken or damaged ones. If you see any signs of infection on the seeds, you should know that they are compromised.

High germination rate depends on the conditions you create for your seeds. First of all, you need to place your seeds in warm environment and keep the temperature at C. You can read about different methods of germinating marijuana seeds: each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is easy to grow marijuana outdoors but it is not the most effective or safest way. We advice planting marijuana seeds and grow in the small and big containers. For germination we advice using special soil because it is clean: the soil from your garden can contain infections, parasites and mold. Do not plant seeds too deep: it should be mm. Do not overwater the soil but keep it moist to prevent mold and rotting. You can cover the container with a piece of glass or plastic to create a greenhouse effect.

Keep it until you get the first green sprouts of your future plants. Of course, you can immediately start with the germination of grains growing marijuana in the open field on the street - this, of course, is the easiest way. When using this method, you only need to lower the grains into the ground, cover them with a piece of plastic film and wait for the results.

But where it would be wiser to first get the seedlings, and only then "move" it. In this section you can learn everything about the various methods of germinating seeds. How to grow cannabis for excellent results? You should explore tips and advice available at Jahforum. We share tons of tips from experienced growers. You can learn how to choose the optimal light, organize watering and achieve success. Marijuana requires some basic conditions: plants need light, water and nutrients.

You can grow cannabis at home with excellent results if you create necessary conditions. Read this section to find out useful information on how to grow marijuana at home. Some people mistakenly believe that growing marijuana outdoors is simple because nature will take care of everything.

It is not true. In order to grow an excellent harvest of fragrant buds, you need to find a good place, provide proper watering and fertilizing. You also need to hide you treasure from prying eyes. Read this section to learn more. Do you have green thumb and enthusiasm to start?

Read the section Growing Cannabis for Dummies to find more interesting and useful information. Here you will find a detailed description of how to prepare the soil, how to organize lighting and watering, how to feed your plants various stages.

Our tips will help you avoid mistakes of newbies and achieve excellent results. In this section you will find the recommendations for cannabis growing indoors and outdoors. As you know, small cannabis farming is actively developing. Perhaps you should try to grow your own weed and share it with your friends.

Our experts and more experienced growers will share their knowledge with you. They will discuss traditional and new methods for efficient cannabis cultivation. When you decide to start growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you should explore advice and recommendation on the Internet.

You can learn about methods, systems and techniques. Despite the fact that growing cannabis outdoors in the open field is one of the most cost-effective options, many professionals prefer to cultivate cannabis indoors in greenhouses, grow tents, on the windowsills or closed terraces. Cannabis is a very resilient and strong plant and everyone with basic skills can manage its cultivation.

Your plants need enough light, water and warm temperature. You can grow marijuana in a variety of places: a grow box, a grow tent, an attic, a terrace, etc. You can use anything as a container: however, it is better to use containers that are at least 50 cm tall. Read more tips and advice on Jahforum. Cultivating cannabis indoors requires some care. You need to think through the process to the smallest details.

From this section of our site you will learn how to plant seedlings and how to choose better soil. Indoor marijuana plants can bring you a better harvest then growing outdoors in the garden plot. The life cycle of cannabis plant has several stages:. When you seeds germinate, plant them in separate containers. Make a small not very deep hole in soil and put a seed into it, cover it with soil. Do not press the soil too much because it will prevent airflow. At the vegetation stage, you need to provide regular watering and fertilization and ensure they receive a sufficient amount of light.

When you see the strong sprouts you can replant them into bigger containers. For steady growth your plants need watering, feeding and lighting. Cannabis is very resistant to adverse conditions but if you want to maximize your result, you need to be more attentive to your plants. Read this section to lean more about the needs of cannabis plants. Growing marijuana requires some gardening skills, knowledge and experience. Some people think that they can drop seeds or plant the seedlings in the soil and then sit and wait for the harvest.

It is like a fairy tale but in real life you need to put efforts into gardening. If you have any questions about growing cannabis, post them in this section. Enthusiasm is good but experience is more important! If you never worked in the garden or vegetable farm, if you never grew flowers in the orchard then you need to educate yourself. We recommend reading the material in the sections of our website to learn more details how to germinate seeds and grow seedlings.

We describe traditional and innovative farming methods. Read this section of the forum to learn how to organize indoor cultivation of cannabis. How to choose and build lighting and watering systems? How to support the plants during different stages? If you have any questions on the process of marijuana growing, ask them in the appropriate topic. Cannabis is a very resilient plant: it can survive in almost any adverse conditions. However, if you want gorgeous harvest, you should know how to care about your cannabis plants outdoors.

Try our advice for better performance. Section is devoted to cannabis cultivation outdoors. You can grow cannabis outdoor in the gardens, orchards, open terraces, vegetable plots, flowerbeds, anywhere you find a good place. Growing cannabis can be tricky even though cannabis is not a capricious plant.

It survives in almost any conditions. If you want a decent crop you have to create proper conditions. Fertilizing and watering can maximize the genetic potential of your plants. Read about specifics of the outdoor cannabis cultivation of in this section.

Growing cannabis in apartment requires a special approach. Sometimes even experienced gardeners fail to achieve desired results when they grow indoors. You need to take into account such factors as limited space and security issues. You need to provide your cannabis plants with water, light and fresh air as well as all the necessary nutrients. The germination of cannabis seeds is the first step in the process.

It is a key to a excellent result. Read this section to learn how to grow strong and healthy seedlings. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them here. We invite you to post and share your reports on growing cannabis outdoors and indoors.

Real life discussion of the issues with cannabis growing is not possible because of legal problems, so Internet forums offer a safe place to exchange experience. Here, in this section, you can learn about the experience of your colleagues.

Read their advice and learn form their experience to avoid mistakes. How to grow marihuana at home? How to organize the process? Read this section to learn about best light lamps, containers, ventilation systems, and fertilizers for indoor growing. You will find all information about indoor growing. Where to buy soil for cannabis in Ukraine? Our country is an agrarian country with rich black soil however you should not use the soil from the field for cannabis growing.

The soil from the fields can be infested with harmful insects and mold. It can cause many problems. We recommend buying a special soil for cannabis. Grow cannabis indoors, at home, in your house or apartment. This section is about grow-boxes, greenhouses, and grow-tents. How to organize the marijuana growing indoors? Every new grower asks the same question. Every new grower wants to achieve good yields.

Which light is better? What do the colors of the seedlings mean? How to make clones from the mother plant? Read more in this section Some people think that growing marijuana is simple because it is very strong plant. If you want high yield, you have to make efforts and use your skills and knowledge. Read this section to learn about specifics of growing cannabis outdoors. Here you will find answers to your questions. In this section, you will find answers to questions about the cultivation of marijuana.

Here you can find tips on growing cannabis. Read this section to learn more about the best methods of outdoor or indoor cultivation. You can read about types of light and fertilizers. Both beginners and experienced growers make stupid mistakes when germinating seeds.

Mistakes can negatively affect the germination rate, the quality of plants, the size of the crop. In this section, you will find detailed information on how to germinate marijuana seeds. There are so many options for prepackaged soil on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the cultivation of cannabis.

In this section, you learn about ideal soil for cannabis, about optimal acidity of the soil. Read recommendations and tips to create a perfect environment for the plants. The hydroponic method is costly but very efficient. Many growers love and use this innovative method of cultivation. You need to take care of and control light, temperature, watering, and fertilization when you use hydroponic systems for marijuana growing.

Read more about hydroponics at home. What equipment do you need for hydroponic systems? What are the methods, schemes, and solution? How to plant cannabis? How to choose the date? How to prepare the system for marijuana? How to choose lighting system? How to manage watering and feeding? If you do not have enough experience and all you have is enthusiasm, you should read more and learn. Find more information on our website. We recommend exercising caution and keeping your cannabis plants hidden from curious people.

In order for plants to grow well, you need to build a grow tent or box in your apartment or house. Read this section to learn how to properly set up a grow tent for cannabis. The modern growing industry offers an incredible range of different options for the cultivation of marijuana. Regardless of you are a newbie or a professional you will like reading this section with real reports on hydroponic systems for cannabis growing. Read this section about how to choose grow boxes for marihuana.

You can buy a ready box or make your own to save money. Both new and experienced growers know about infections and diseases that can affect the plants. They have to be ready to protect their plants. When you see holes in the marihuana leaves, you should know that your plants are infected or attacked by insects.

Read this section to learn about signs of cannabis diseases, treatments and solutions. New growers do not know how to spray marijuana leaves and get rid of pests. Spraying plants with pesticides can save your plantation. However, some pests are terrible and hard to kill, for example, spider mites. You need to know how to diagnose a problem and how to solve it. Lighting in the grow boxes and greenhouses is an important factor in cannabis cultivation. Experts know how damaging is both lack and access to light.

Use quality metal halogen lamps as a quality source of lighting. Cannabis cloning is a useful method that allows you to create several plants with the same characteristics of the mother plant. It is a relatively cheap way to produce new plants.

If you want to clone marijuana, watch the video in this section. Creating new varieties of cannabis is time-consuming process that requires special knowledge and genetic material of the highest quality. Nowadays, the scientists created a wide range of cannabis varieties and hybrids with excellent genetic qualities.

It is a never-ending process: the search for a perfect strain, variety and hybrid. Humans like perfection and strive for ideals. Many professional growers try their hand at breeding new cannabis varieties. Most often such experiments end in fiasco because creating a new strain is not enough.

It is more than crossing excellent male and female plants. Scientists and genetic engineers work for many years to create some special breed. They choose mother plants among many plants with priority qualities.

It is a very expensive process that requires patience and a lot of equipment. When selecting seeds for breeding, pay attention to their appearance. Each seed must be perfect without any signs of damage. The seeds can to be glossy or matte dark color depending on the characteristics of the variety. Look for traces of infection on the surface of the seeds and select clean and healthy ones.

If you want to cultivate some cannabis plants for seeds, you need to create the most comfortable conditions for their growth. Such parental plants need more care. You have to grow a male plant and collect its pollen before your female plant starts flowering. The optimal period for pollination is between the second and third week of flowering. After pollination, the plant enters the stage of seed formation. You will see how flowers develop into seeds. You can harvest seeds and dry them in storage.

Sometimes, the seeds fall down and sometimes you need to pick them out the cones. Usually experienced breeders record their observations and results in a journal. After seeds are harvested, breeders germinate as many seeds as possible to select the most promising female plants and use them for repeated pollination.

The breeding process is repeated several times until the genetic properties are stable. Some breeders like to cross several varieties of cannabis to achieve interesting results and improved genetics. If you plan to grow cannabis, probably you thought about how to optimize your investments. Cannabis growing is more than farming — it is art.

If you approach growing seriously, your results will surprise professionals. Growers like to watch how the plants develop. You can implement theory into practice. If you have questions, ask your fellow-growers to avoid mistakes. There is much information available on Internet: read the section with some basic information on growing marijuana.

Do you know how to germinate cannabis seeds? You should visit different sections of the forum for detailed information on germination. If you have any additional questions, try finding answers on our website and ask questions to experienced growers. Many growers dream about healthy cannabis plants. They share their experience in the sections of Jahforum: they share how they fight cannabis diseases. Read about symptoms of common diseases and infections and find out how to treat them and keep your cannabis plants healthy.

What is a grow box? How to make a grow box with your own hands? You will find answers in this section. Many methods of marijuana growing will give you desired results. If you want to learn more about innovative and traditional methods of marijuana growing, you should read the relevant sections of our website. We have many articles discussing different methods and equipment. If you are a newbie and do not plan to commercial cannabis farming, you might consider buying or building a grow box.

Read this section for detailed information on how to make a grow box for cannabis. If you have any questions about grow boxes, do not hesitate to ask for advice from our experts in the forum section. Cannabis grew in wild nature for centuries: it is absolutely non-capricious plant.

However, if you want to achieve high yield, you must know about types of soil for cannabis. Read this section for advice on how to choose a substrate for growing marijuana. Each grower has its own secrets and favorite methods of growing cannabis. Each grower dreams about the maximum productivity of the plants. In this section you can share and post your own reports on cannabis cultivation outdoors.

Share your success and failure stories to help other growers learn and optimize the cultivation process to achieve better results. When you go to the garden stores, you see many cannabis fertilizers. However, experienced growers prefer to make their own recipes for fertilizers and follow their own schedule for feeding the plants.

You need to be careful not to over-fertilize your seedlings or plants otherwise you can kill them with your love. Some people are not handy and they can bot build grow-box at home. Is it possible to grow marijuana in apartment without ventilation? It is a difficult question because you need some kind of ventilation anyway to avoid high humidity and to reduce the strong odor of flowering plants. Read more about artificial lighting for cannabis.

Cannabis growing requires some skills and knowledge: in the process you have to learn and figure out some challenges on your yellow brick road to success. Choose optimal technique for marijuana depending on the space you have for growing.

Read this section to understand how to calculate ROI — return on investment. Sunlight has all the necessary spectra that support photosynthesis of plants. When you grow indoors with little or no sunlight you need to provide extra lighting for your cannabis plants. We recommend you our catalog of lamps and lighting systems. Here you can choose and buy lamps for cannabis. Read reports and reviews of different types of cannabis lamps.

The growers describe how they build their lighting systems and what equipment they used. Many growers give valuable recommendations and share their reports with detailed descriptions. It can be useful for both beginners and experts. Very often even experienced growers look for advice from a friend. Read this section with advice on growing cannabis. You will find answers to the most difficult questions. Cloning is a very useful technique for cannabis growing because it has many advantages.

If you use hydroponics method, you will be able to clone shoots off one maternal plant. Growers love cloning because it is cheap and delivers great results. Read this section and learn how to clone marijuana plant. We live in a wonderful time because there are more than three types of cannabis.

There is amazing variety of the most wonderful varieties on the market. Some of the plants have a very strong smell during cultivation, especially during flowering. Keep it in mind and prepare to deal with the issue protect your plants from prying eyes and get rid of the smell of blooming marijuana. Every grower knows that security is important during the cultivation of marijuana.

There are strict security measures for outdoor and indoor cultivation. When growing outdoors, growers can choose remote and secluded places far from people. Growing cannabis indoors makes security more complicated.

The grower has to be aware of the risk that neighbors or uninvited guests might notice something. Despite the efforts of cannabis activists, it is still illegal in Ukraine and involves administrative and criminal punishment for the cultivation of cannabis. It does not matter how many cannabis plants you grow, you have to take security measures seriously.

The main goal of any grower is to avoid attracting attention. It is easy before the plants start flowering: then they have intense flavor. We recommend buying air filters for cannabis because it will save you from many problems. Air filters will hide the fact of the existence of the growing box from your guests or neighbors.

Many sites offer cannabis filters for sale. When choosing the equipment, please consider some factors. There are too many options and I explain some basic ones for beginners that will help them to make the right choice. You can choose and buy filters, fans and other elements for air ventilation system.

You can also buy a ready made grow tents for cannabis. Grow tents functional and mobile. They are easy to assemble and you can move them anywhere in a matter of minutes. Grow tents create a great space for cannabis cultivation. In addition, you have to provide light, ventilation and watering for your cannabis plants. Many growers prefer to grow in grow tents or grow boxes because such constructions are easy to handle and they keep foreign smells away from the apartment.

You can also buy cannabis fertilizers and boosters. Cannabis plants need different kind of fertilizing during different stages of growth because every stage of life needs certain nutrients and minerals. High-quality fertilizers can significantly increase the yield. Keep in mind that you have to stop using fertilizers weeks before harvesting otherwise your buds will smell of fertilizers.

There are many methods for cannabis growing that can increase the productivity several times. Each method requires a certain approach and some equipment. Read more about techniques for growing marijuana and read recommendations on how to lower the cost of farming.

Cannabis industry develops very fast and that is why there are some many innovations. Professionals try innovative hydroponic or aeroponic methods even though they require some expensive equipment. Read more about equipment for growing marijuana in this section. The choice of quality of lighting for marijuana cultivation indoors is essential.

Plants require a certain spectrum of light for growth. In this section you can buy lamps for marijuana. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in our forum. Read this section for beginners and experienced growers to find interesting recommendations for cannabis growing. In this section, you will learn how to prepare soil, what fertilizers and boosters to use, how to clone your plans, how to germinate seeds.

You can also ask here any questions in the relevant topics. To start you own marijuana project, you need to know how to choose a container, where to grow, how to choose seeds. You need to know the height of our future plants indoors and outdoors to calculate how much space they need. The popularity of medical varieties of cannabis is growing every day because of its unique healing potential.

Many growers are curious how to grow medical marijuana in hydroponic systems. Surprisingly, many experts confirm that despite the fact that the principles of cultivation of cannabis in hydroponics are very different, such plants get better nutrition and their healing potential is higher.

Read more about substrates and soil for growing cannabis. Share your experience and recommendations! Each cannabis growing method is unique so growers need to know some of the tricks for better harvest. They can ask for advice from professionals.

In real life, growers have limited options for open discussion and communication with colleagues. We created this section of our site for communication among cannabis enthusiasts. When you grow outdoors the result depends mostly on natural conditions but the grower contributes a lot too. If you are interested in advice on how to improve your outdoors cannabis, read information in this section. You can also read real reports on cannabis growing at home from beginners and professional growers.

In this section, growers share their experiences and expertise. If you have encountered any problems in the process of indoor cultivation, ask for their recommendations. Cultivation of cannabis requires patience. It also requires extensive expertise, skills and knowledge.

Despite the fact that the hydroponic method was developed quite a long time ago, it still remains one of the most efficient cultivation options. If you want to better understand the basics of hydroponic method watch all hydroponics of marijuana video with a discussion of its pros and cons.

Sometimes growers worry about strange spots on marijuana leaves. Why do brown or yellow spots appear on marijuana leaves and how to get rid of them? Every grower wants to know how to protect the seedlings from the infection. Stains and spots are alarming symptoms indicating that the plants suffer from infection or stress.

Even experienced growers solve problems by trial and error. To maximize your chances for success, read this section devoted to solutions of technical problems of cannabis growing. Here you can ask any questions and get advice from professionals and experts. There are many wonderful boosters to accelerate cannabis growth and development. The boosters and growth stimulants support the development of strong root system.

Read this section of the forum devoted to boosters for cannabis plants. You can also ask questions and get recommendations. The wide range of marijuana varieties is impressive: every day we hear new announcement about a new hybrid or subtype. Read this section about basic requirements for outdoor cultivation of marijuana. Here you can learn how and when to plant the seeds, how to feed the plants, what to do when the summer is too dry or too rainy.

Modern farming technologies offer different ways of growing outdoors or indoors. The experts recommend using special substrates for marijuana. If you do not know how to choose substrate for marijuana, read this section for more recommendations. Cultivation of cannabis requires the proper organization of the process.

Growers have to provide their plants with light and water. They have to maintaining the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse or green box. However, some growers forget about air ventilation for marijuana. You need air ventilation to prevent infection, mold, insects and other unpleasant problems. Much depends on the choice of containers for cannabis plants. If you choose a big container you can end up with a big root system of the plant but you will get less leaves and buds.

If you choose too small container, you will grow a weak plant not able to flower. Read this section and learn advice how to choose a container for cannabis plant. If you grow marijuana you have to take care of safety issues. In many countries it is still illegal to grow regardless if you do it for your own needs or with intent to sell. Safety is as important as other technical aspects of growing cannabis. When you grow indoor, buy and install special equipment to provide your plants with fresh air and enough light.

It is hard to disagree that outdoor cultivation requires less investment than indoor. Nature will take care of the basic need of the cannabis plants and the grower will take care of the rest. The most obvious advantage is the fact that with the outdoor cultivation you do not spend money on electric bill and expensive equipment. When choosing a place for growing marijuana, choose hidden spots away from streets and roads.

Find an inconspicuous place in the forest, abandoned industrial site or find a place behind the bushes in your garden. Keep in mind that the plantation has to be located close to some water source: eventually you have to water the plants. If you grow in the forest you also have to protect your plants from insects and wild animals.

You might build a fence around your small orchard. Do not attract attention when you go to visit your cannabis plantation. You have to be quick, quiet and inconspicuous. Do not leave any traces or footprints behind.

How to protect cannabis from insects? It is easier to prevent than to fight. You can use natural insect repellents or pesticides. If you grow indoors, you need efficient air ventilation. Growers worry a lot about cannabis infections and diseases. You should now that cannabis plants need light but they do not tolerate direct sunlight.

They also like fresh air and a moderate humidity. If you use the special soil or substrate for cannabis plants, you do not need to worry about fertilizers. Otherwise, you need to feed your garden. Lack of nutrition can cause cannabis decreases: your plants will turn brown and yellow. Sooner or later every grower encounter some technical problems of cannabis growing.

Read this section to find the answers. Many beginners rush into the gardening with no experience and then face many problems. Read more recommendations on how to avoid or solve problems. Despite the fact that cannabis is resilient and strong, the plants can get infected. Even experienced growers encounter situations when their plants start to wither before our eyes. This section contains a list of cannabis diseases and their treatment. The process of cultivating marijuana requires knowledge and skills.

Growing outdoors and growing in a greenhouse or a box are significantly different. Read this section to learn about specifics of outdoor cannabis cultivation. Expert advice will help you to achieve excellent result. Do you want to share your story of success? Do you want to ask a question? Do you want to start a discussion? Use this section for your reports on cultivation of cannabis outdoors.

Your reports will help other beginners and save them from mistakes. Раздел экстракции содержит разные темы и советы для получения масла - концентрата ТГК и CBD соединения каннабиноидов используемых только в мед целях. Тут вы отыщите рецепты по изготовлению масла для курения с помощью разных газов, как к примеру бутан, либо использования спирта и водяной бане.

No doubt, you can find a lot of information about the cultivation of marijuana online. However, theoretical knowledge does not translate well in practice and things can go wrong. We created this section with the best reports on the cultivation of cannabis.

Read real reports and learn from other members of our forum. You will become more successful and experienced grower. Some reports are interesting and funny. This section of Jahforum offers the best reports about cannabis growing useful information for beginners, experts and other categories of growers. Unfortunately, until marijuana is legalized in our country, the enthusiasts are forced to hide their hobby. They cannot openly and publicly discuss the topic of cannabis. If you do not have friends or peers with the common interest in cannabis, join our friendly online community.

This section includes the best growers reports. They generously share their advice and recommendations. Read this section to learn about fertilizers, growing methods, germination rates, cloning and other things. If you want to share your report, post it in section.

The reports of success can encourage and inspire other growers. Share your practical growing experience with other growers. Discuss your progress with colleagues and you will reach a new level and achieve better results. If you are a beginner you want to read grow reports about LED lamps, fertilizers, ventilation, watering and other issues of indoor cultivation. Read this section devoted to the reports from experienced growers.

You will find many interesting reports with photos and advice. Do you agree that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others? Reading about somebody else experience can help you to avoid many problems. We recommend you to read special magazines on the topic of marijuana and read specialized forums where experienced growers share their experience and results. Many proud growers want to show off their achievements and share photos with forum friends.

If you want to tell stories of success, they want to warn about challenges, so we invite you to post your cannabis reports in this section of the site. Read more interesting reports from our forum users. Lighting is a problem for many growers. How to choose the right LED lamps for greenhouses and grow boxes? LED lamps deliver excellent results and help you to save money. Read more grow reports on LED lamps to make the right choice. Every grower knows that how beginning is difficult and support is important.

In this section you can find marijuana reports from beginners and give them advice on how to improve their methods. Do you grow some new varieties of cannabis? Do you want to share your results with peers and friends? In this section read and share your reports on cultivation of new varieties and show off your results. Share detailed descriptions of the process and ask for advice if you need it. If you are a new grower and if you just started learning about cannabis cultivation, try to follow three basic rules: water, light and fertilizing.

If you are a beginner, share your exciting journey. You can share your story with experienced growers and find support and encouragement. You can ask cannabis enthusiasts for advice. Many users of our Forum have decades of experience. Everybody was a beginner at some point and then continued to develop and accumulate experience and skills. Everybody remembers his or her first time because the first harvest was the sweetest. Share your emotions, your observations, your questions and we will help you.

This section includes the most interesting reports of newbies: they are exciting and funny. Do you remember your first cannabis plants? Do you want to share your story with us? If you a beginner, you should create your own report and document the progress.

New growers can share their stories and inspire more people to join the friendly community of cannabis lovers. If you need advice, friendly support or recommendations, post your report in this section. Communication with peers helps you to develop your skills. New members of our community need support and advice but they cannot find it in real life.

Online discussion boards and forums like ours are very helpful because they bring people together and give them opportunity to communicate. Cannabis growers have to be discreet because it is not legal in our country. Do not reveal your secret to your friends and neighbors if you do not know their view on legalizing marijuana.

Online forum with stories from real people is a great opportunity to build the community of marijuana supporters. Beginners are especially interested in reports on marijuana from experienced growers because they can learn valuable advice about proper care for cannabis plants. Also, such reports help beginners to understand different varieties, hybrids, and subtypes of cannabis. Forum discussion is a great opportunity to find friends. You can share advice, you can ask a question, you can read a report, you can express your opinion without any fear.

Every grower has exciting, funny or sad story about cannabis growing. Share your unique story in this section and read stories of other people here. You can also join discussions and express your thoughts. Ever grower needs to know how to choose and where to buy cannabis seeds and what varieties and brands to choose. In this section, we invite you to share reports on new sorts of marijuana. Your experience may allow other growers to understand how to handle new seeds. Everybody suffers mistakes and even failures.

In this section, you can ask questions about cultivation process and perhaps experienced growers will offer you a solution to the problem. Due to the illegal status of cannabis people cannot reveal their hobby and discuss it freely with like-minded people in real life. Everybody has interesting stories about their experience in growing marijuana. In this section share your best stories about marijuana. Growing cannabis outside can bring high results.

Some people might think it is easy: all you need is to put seeds into the soil, water and wait for the harvest. However, the reports from our forum members show the growing process is not so simple. To achieve excellent results, you need knowledge; practical skills and desire. Read the recent report from our members describing their growing experience. Share your own report about cannabis cultivation and attach photos.

Your detailed reports can tell a lot about weather conditions, methods, fertilizers, and watering. Read the reports of your fellow forum members in this section and use their experience! Experienced growers often keep growing journals where they record their system. You can learn a lot from their advice. Any professional development depends on regular discussions with your colleagues. Unfortunately, marijuana is illegal in our country and the growers cannot share their experience openly and publicly in real life.

Online communication offers a great alternative! Follow our forum and find information on traditional and innovative cannabis cultivation methods. Read this section about different kinds of substrate in cannabis cultivation. Our forum members are excellent growers willing to share their expertise and reveal secrets of cannabis cultivation. Read this section to learn about hydroponic methods of cannabis cultivation. You can read about the investments and rewards.

You can learn how to build your own hydroponic system and what components you need for the hydroponic system. Hydroponic is a very efficient method for indoor cultivation. You can also read reports on outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. You can read recommendations of our forum members and share your own thoughts.

In this section, you can ask questions and get answers from experienced growers. Reading the reports from the experienced growers can help you learn important and interesting information. Here you can share your problems and ask for advice from growers with years of experience. Ежели ты выращиваешь в колонке, системнике, в любом другом микро пространстве, это место для твоего ГроуРепорта.

Гроурепорты о выращивании энтеогенов и остальных растений не считая конопли с подробным описанием и фото отчетами. В этом форуме обсуждаем магазины и ваши намерения что то приобрести в их, обмениваемся опытом, задаем вопросцы о покупке семян, оборудования и остального.

Магазин прогрессивных технологий для Ваших растений :weedy. Проращивание семян. Ошибки начинающих гроверов. Симптомы заболеваний растений. Как выбрать сорт семян. Проверенные партнеры. Войти либо Зарегистрироваться Войти Уяснить меня Не рекомендуется на общедоступных компах. Войти анонимно. Поиск в. Основная Форум.

Шпаргалка Где Что? Вопросцы о выращивании Ежели у тебя есть срочный вопросец касательно выкармливания либо заболеваний растений - создавай тему тут. Вопросцы по оборудованию В данном разделе вы можете задать вопросец по оборудованию и получить ответы от практиков и знающих гроверов. Вопросцы о марихуане Задай собственный вопросец здесь не о выращивании - чтоб развеять легенды либо подтвердить информацию которой ты располагаешь о конопле.

Indoor Выкармливание в закрытом грунте гроубоксы, балконы, дачи, шкафы. Outdoor Выкармливание на открытом воздухе болота, леса, поля, огороды и пр. Гидропоника Выкармливание марихуаны и др. Нужная Инфа Проращивание семян Грунт и субстраты для выкармливания Удобрения, схемы, калибровка pH Заболевания растений и вредители Нужная информация для садоводов гроверов - в данном разделе находится общественная информация по выращиванию индор,аутдор,гидропоника.

Устройства для выкармливания Гроубокс Постройка бокса Строй-репорт Освещение Вентиляция Системы полива Полезности Гроубокс, оборудование, вентиляторы, лампы, балласты, таймеры, насосы и тп. Growing info на англ В данном разделе публикуется информация о гровинге от наших иностранных коллег воспользуйтесь google переводчиком ежели нужно.

ГроуРепорты Начинающих 1-ый раз выращиваешь коноплю? Новичок на форуме? Тогда для тебя в этот раздел! МикроГроуРепорт Ежели ты выращиваешь в колонке, системнике, в любом другом микро пространстве, это место для твоего ГроуРепорта. Незавершенные ГроуРепорты ГроуРепорты которые не были завершены юзерами. Грибной архив Информация о грибах и их выращивании.

Грибные гроу-репорты Незавершенные грибные доклады Подробное описание процесса выкармливания от начала до конца. Употребление Все о использовании грибов. Грибные трип-репорты Описание опыта потребления грибов в виде подробного рассказа. Грибная курилка Общение на грибную тему. Информация о энтеогенах и др. ГроуРепорт энтеогены и др. Культура употребления конопли Курительные устройства Кулинария Vaping Вейпинг Конопляный юмор Sound of Rasta CannabisArt Здоровье Эзотерика устройства для потребления, музыка, искусство, здоровье и другое по теме.

Растаманские истории Как мы отдыхаем Трип доклады, достойные внимания растаманские истории в модифицированном состоянии сознания, делимся! Флудилка Общение на любые темы без модерации. Где Приобрести Отзывы юзеров о магазинах семян конопли и оборудования Недобросовестные магазины, партнеры, сервисы В этом форуме обсуждаем магазины и ваши намерения что то приобрести в их, обмениваемся опытом, задаем вопросцы о покупке семян, оборудования и остального.

Анонсы Всемирные анонсы о марихуанне. Закон и прочее Законы, поправки, петиции которые могут быть полезны и увлекательны курильщикам марихуаны.

Форум о марихуане трын трава конопля


То есть, ежели для глутамата, гамма-аминомасляной кислоты, дофамина , норадреналина, серотонина и остальных медиаторов имеются и сенсоры, и нейроны, которые работают на их, то у каннабиноидов лишь сенсоры. А все поэтому, что каннабиноидные сенсоры являются строго пресинаптическими, и работают по принципу обратной связи.

Это действенный метод, выработанный эволюцией, который дозволяет нейрону «успокоиться». Не секрет, что основными компонентами марихуаны взаимодействующими с нервной системой, являются тетрагидроканнабинол THC и каннабидиол CBD. Конкретно это соединения впрямую оказывают влияние на беспокойство. THC может уменьшить беспокойство у неких людей в малых дозах. Но при огромных дозах происходит обратный эффект — уровень тревожности возрастает. А вот низкое значение такового соотношения, напротив — понижает тревогу и беспокойство.

CBD приметно увеличивает действие антиконвульсантов, увеличивает судорожный порог и оказывает тормозящее действие на нервную систему. Отмечено, что CBD понижает уровень тревожности, а также подавляет все чувственные верхи и низы в сторону депрессии и в сторону мании.

Таковым образом, мы подходим к противоречию. С одной стороны CBD понижает уровень тревожности, но THC, содержащийся в конопле, ее напротив разгоняет, ежели злоупотреблять. Механизмы, с помощью которых каждое из этих веществ влияет на беспокойство, остаются пока непонятными. Тем не наименее, все это, похоже, подтверждает идею о том, что наиболее высочайшее отношение THC к CBD наиболее возможно вызовет беспокойство, так как тетрагидроканнабинола будет больше.

Нейробиолог и один из ведущих исследователей каннабиса в Канаде Райан Маклоглин поделился своими рассуждениями о том, почему до сих пор данные о действии каннабиса на нервную систему настолько противоречивы. Райан Маклоглин Нейробиолог и один из ведущих исследователей каннабиса в Канаде Что ученые знают о марихуане сегодня? Непременно, мы установили множество фактов, но в большинстве случаев речь идет о животных моделях, на которых были проведены опыты.

Отмечу, что не постоянно модель животного пусть даже чрезвычайно близкого к человеку отлично применима по отношению к человеку. Наиболее того, мы наверное не можем считать корректными исследования эффектов марихуаны на людях, поэтому что делается на популяции здоровых людей, а не тех, кто мучается суровыми психологическими расстройствами.

Только незначимое количество клинических исследований проводились на людях с суровыми тревожными расстройствами, и делать окончательные выводы по ним пока рано. Доктор биохимии и нейробиологии Института Джорджтауна Джеймс Джордано ведает, что тревожность не является однородным болезнью. Есть несколько ее разновидностей, к примеру, острая тревожность либо приобретенная. Есть тревожность, которая имеет выраженный травматический нюанс, к примеру, ПТСР посттравматическое стрессовое расстройство.

Джеймс Джордано Нейробиолог, биохимик Института Джорджтауна Разные варианты тревожного расстройства могут вызывать разный нейрохимический отклик, и ежели говорить о каннабисе, то активные вещества марихуаны действуют только на некие из биохимических путей в нервной системе. Так же не стоит отбрасывать генетические индивидуальности организма, место рождения человека и образ жизни. Все это оказывает влияние на эффект каннабиноидов.

На данный момент исследователи не знают точно, какие формы либо нюансы волнения могут быть сняты с помощью THC либо CBD. При каких критериях, и какие группы населения проявят чувствительность к марихуане. Пока мы не знаем, вправду ли марихуана помогает совладать с тревожность либо напротив — ухудшает ее.

В марихуане содержится около разных каннабиноидов, и каждый из их повлияет по-разному. Каким образом этот коктейль веществ скажется на нервной системе, во многом остается непонятным. Единственное, о чем можно говорить с уверенностью — эффект отдельных веществ марихуаны, на основании которых могут изготавливаться препараты для борьбы с тревожностью.

Как вы сообразили, ученые пока не пришли к одному заключению о вреде либо полезности каннабиса при тревожных расстройствах. Вот несколько качеств, которыми управляются докторы в странах, где марихуана разрешена в мед целях:.

Помните, что вариант исцеления тревожных расстройств марихуаной пока еще лишь рассматривается учеными и докторами как один из вероятных. Ежели у вас имеются тревожные расстройства , то для вас обязательно стоит обратиться к психоаналитику и пройти курс исцеления. Этот веб-сайт соответствует эталону HONcode в отношении достоверной инфы о здоровье: проверить тут.

Все права защищены. При использовании материалов веб-сайта активная ссылка на www. Информация, размещенная на веб-сайте, предназначена лишь для ознакомления. Описанные способы диагностики, исцеления и т. Непременно проконсультируйтесь со спецом, чтоб не нанести вред собственному здоровью! Здоровье — база настоящей жизни, и наша задачка — беречь его от рождения до глубочайшей старости!

Cannabis is a storehouse of rare chemical compounds of value, not only for lovers to relax, but also for world medicine in general. Even in ancient China, hemp infusions and extracts were used to treat epilepsy, prevent cancer, and also as a panacea for acute pain and insomnia. Hemp cultivation has been encouraged for many centuries, but the political games of forces interested in decriminalizing marijuana have made the harmless plant a "potent narcotic substance," which it has never been.

In the 40s of the last century, marijuana was excluded from all medical directories, but nowadays, the legalization of marijuana has gained worldwide proportions. Not far off is the time when extracts of dried inflorescences can be purchased at each pharmacy. Millions of patients will receive a harmless and potent medicine. Welcome to our "kitchen". This section of the forum focuses on cannabis-based foods.

Here we post recipes for dishes using hemp oil, and also reveal the culinary secrets of cannabis cuisine. Sweet tooths will find here many ways to cook their favorite sweets, which, in addition to taste, will delight in an unusual effect. Also, the section contains notes on the historical use of hemp seeds in cooking, discloses their useful properties and recipes for all kinds of dishes based on them.

You will learn how to combine marijuana with coffee or how to make an alcoholic beverage using dried inflorescences, as well as get acquainted with recipes for weight loss. Rastamans, she is Rastafarians - adherents of one religious movement, which does not require a certain participation in any events, sacraments and services.

The integral attributes of a rastaman are released dreadlocks, and sometimes the use of cannabis. At the heart of the Rastafarian movement is also a rejection of the Western lifestyle. They do not recognize Western values and consider them detrimental to humans. The Western way of life is called by the members of religion as "Babylon" and it is expressed in the way of thinking - greed, selfishness of excessive rationality, attachment to material values, careerism and other qualities inherent in Westerners.

By the end of the 90s of the last century, there were more than one million rastafari in the world. The use of cannabis by members of the movement makes it possible to clear the mind of an unnecessary understanding of the world and, according to Rastafari, has a fruitful effect on human health. Hemp cultivation in Jamaica and some parts of Africa is commonplace, especially in Rastafarian communities, although not all. We devoted this section of the forum to cannabis derivatives, and also posted recipes for its almost non-waste use.

Forum guests are presented with articles revealing the secrets of making hash in various ways and techniques. We also posted notes on the historical use of hash, hemp milk, as a ceremonial drink, porridge from wild cannabis and much more. A sophisticated guest will be able to find the recipe for the manufacture of the purest extract called "Amber", as well as the method of its use. All about smoking devices, bongs, pipes, as well as how to make artisan express devices for smoking cannabis.

Here, the inventive guests of our forum share the secrets of twisting joites, making pipes and disposable "geese" for smoking from improvised materials. This section contains articles on the most unusual ways of smoking marijuana through an apple, watermelon, melon, as well as various attributes for chopping cones and the rules for choosing a quality bong and vaporizer.

Special attention should be paid to articles about cleaning devices and smoking hash through a hookah. Here we have collected articles directly or indirectly relating to marijuana legislation, as well as notes on upcoming changes in the laws of those countries where cannabis decriminalization has already begun.

We also placed in this section the advice of an experienced lawyer in cases related to marijuana, notes on online safety and many other usefulnesses. In this section of our forum, guests and registered users share information about the best seasons and countries where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Since our forum is dedicated to cannabis, and most visitors have long made the cultivation of hemp their favorite hobby, here you can also find articles and notes about holidays in countries where cannabis is partially or fully legalized.

If you have an interesting story or want to share information about an unforgettable vacation, then do not be shy, create a theme and communicate with like-minded people. The forum participants brought a little philosophy, life wisdom to this section, and also posted various stories by spiritual teachers and masters of life.

This section is dedicated to music, literature and cinema. The cultivation of cannabis, as well as the culture of its use for many thousands of years, could not but be reflected in art. Here we post music, as well as films that one way or another relate to the topics of our forum. Special attention deserves literature. Forum participants share interesting books, articles and notes that can brighten up your leisure time and give a lot of pleasant moments.

Remember: you cannot buy happiness, but you can read a book, and sometimes it is the same thing. This section is about funny stories and funny stories. Forum users here create various topics that will undoubtedly smile at you. The theme of our resource is the cultivation of cannabis, and, as you know, its use can not only cause unbridled laughter, but also be a source of inspiration for finding adventure.

Humor and hemp are very close friends, and they also say that laughter prolongs life, so do not deny yourself this. We devoted this section, perhaps, to the most interesting part of the consequences of the use of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Here, guests of the forum will be able to find out into what unexplored distances of parallel galaxies the consciousness of a traveler who decided to drink a decoction of psilocybin mushrooms can carry away, as well as how different hemp varieties act on different people.

Here we also share our impressions of the use of entheogens: fly agaric, Ipomoea sky blue, perfume vine, mescaline cacti and other substances that can expand consciousness. Often, stories trips are incredible, in them a person learns and experiences from personal experience deep truths and wisdom, the secrets of the universe are revealed to him, and sometimes, a regressive journey into his own past becomes accessible to some.

If you have something to tell, then you are welcome. We devoted this section to the beautiful half of the participants in our forum. Among our participants there are many talented growers, so themes about the cultivation of cannabis, the tricks of arranging grow boxes and much more are not ruled out.

In this section you can find information, literally, about everything. Here you can post informative articles, music, interesting literature, chat about pressing issues or share experience in growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. There are also topics affecting western stars of show business who have made hemp cultivation not only their hobby, but also a highly profitable business. Communicate with like-minded people, ask questions, comment, have fun.

You can talk about anything here. Here we are talking about the places where cannabis grows, about countries where it is partially decriminalized or fully legalized. Cannabis is spread all over the world: from hot equatorial countries to cool Siberian regions. This section also welcomes topics related to commercial marijuana plantations, news about farmers cultivating it and the most favorable countries for introducing this particular business.

Beginners and experienced breeders can put their cannabis seeds up for sale here. Also on our site you can purchase equipment designed for growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, the spores of which can also be found in the appropriate section.

In addition to trading on the trading platform, you can read the latest news about marijuana, its legalization and decriminalization in some countries of the world. Trading is easy, and buying is even easier. In this section you have placed the contacts of the administration of the national trading platform Ganja Bay. Forum participants can ask their questions, post suggestions for improving the site, as well as leave their feedback on its work.

In this section, visitors to the forum can post ads for the purchase or sale of hemp seeds and other plants. Forum administration is not responsible for the quality of purchased seeds. Participants make all transactions at their own risk. Growing psilocybin mushrooms sooner or later ends with the production of spore prints. At first, the ethnobotanist provides himself with spore material, but there comes a time when the surplus needs to be put somewhere.

Especially for such mycologists, we have created this section, where they can freely realize spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at free prices. You can also make self-promotion here by distributing spore material for reporting. Growing cannabis at home requires certain equipment, including high-quality lighting. This section is devoted to the purchase and sale of lighting equipment, as well as various components: reflectors, kultubov, LED lamps, Dnat lamps, starting devices, ESL, etc.

Before creating a topic, be sure to read the rules of trade. This section contains the announcement of the forum participants about the purchase and sale of ventilation. The cultivation of cannabis provides for a constant flow of air to plants, so you can not do without appropriate equipment.

Also in the section you can find fans, new and used, carbon filters for eliminating odors, coal for filling them, as well as empty housings. Here you can find announcements about buying and selling measuring equipment: PH and TDS meters, timers and microscopes.

The cultivation of cannabis is a fascinating process and, sometimes, the grower needs to know, and sometimes, it is necessary to control the acidity of the soil, humidity and temperature. The life of the plant, as well as the amount of the crop, can depend on these factors. Before creating a topic, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the trading rules in this section. Here are the ads for buying and selling growboxes.

Among the topics you can find not only offers for the sale of factory groutents, but also tents made by the forum participants. It can be beautiful cabinets equipped with all the necessary equipment for growing cannabis, stealth boxes assembled from system units and designed for hidden cultivation and much more.

Among the ads there are offers for the sale of fabric pots, as well as attractive topics about the exchange. Before posting a topic, be sure to read the rules. The use of cannabis is an exceptional ceremony that can deliver aesthetic pleasure to the Rastafarian. To make smoking a quality product a real pleasure, many prefer to use glass bongs, pipes, and other devices. This section of the forum is devoted to the sale and purchase of vaporizers, hookahs, copyright pipes and other devices.

Before creating a topic, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of the section. The cultivation of cannabis at home and in the open ground can be carried out, both with the use of fertilizing and without them. Most growers are inclined to believe that the addition of fertilizers allows you to get a big crop, however, growth stimulants, with illiterate use, can harm the plant.

This section contains ads on the purchase and sale of fertilizers for cannabis. Here you can buy or sell everything that did not fall into other sections of the forum. The guests are presented with fabric breathable pots for growing plants, bags for cannabis extraction with ice, as well as other useful things that can be useful to the grower and not only.

Handmade items deserve special attention. In this section, participants in our forum distribute cannabis seeds for free, provide free advice to beginner gardeners, and donate various equipment for growing cannabis. Special attention should be paid to topics about the exchange of seeds. It is always a pleasure to exchange abundant seed material for another. Like-minded people should support each other.

At our forum, participants have the opportunity to exchange cannabis seeds, spores of psilocybin mushrooms, sowing material of entheogens, as well as equipment for growing cannabis, knowledge, literature, films and all kinds of usefulness. Remember that the administration of the resource does not act as a guarantor of such transactions.

Forum participants make all exchanges at their own risk. We created this section specifically for mutual assistance between club members. It exchanges information about stores selling cannabis cultivation equipment in different cities. Among the topics you can find customer reviews of online resources, get acquainted with the work of stores, and choose for yourself a suitable supplier of seed material.

Growing cannabis is a scrupulous process and, when choosing equipment, it is better to trust trusted stores and sites. Branch of GanjaSeeds online store in Ukraine. By going to this section, you will automatically be redirected to the main page of the resource with a ten-year history.

The assortment of the store will be able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gardeners. By going to this section, you will find yourself on the main page of the GanjaSeeds online store Russian branch. Warehouses located on the territory of the Russian Federation make it possible to ensure the fast delivery of elite hemp seeds throughout the country in various ways. Today GanjaSeeds is the largest store of high-quality seed material in the entire post-Soviet space.

Recently, the GanjaSeeds branch began to operate in Georgia. Elite cannabis seeds of the highest quality have become available for residents of this warm country. The assortment of the store will pleasantly surprise not only beginner gardeners, but also sophisticated growers. The store contains hemp seeds from world famous seedbanks, as well as breeders from Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Kazakhstan. This section of the forum contains ads from the administration of the online store GanjaSeeds.

Here you can find out about the latest store news, promotions and discounts on goods. Enthusiasts who want to establish partnerships with a well-known store will be able to familiarize themselves with the terms of cooperation and join the team of a professional team aimed at the result. In this section you will find news about updating the assortment of the famous GanjaSeeds store. In the topics you can find out what new items appeared on the windows of the resource, as well as ask your questions.

Connoisseurs of ethnobotany can follow the update of the spore print section of psilocybin mushrooms, as well as find out what spore material is available today. In this section, forum participants can ask the GanjaSeeds store administration questions about the assortment, find out when the desired cannabis variety appears on the resource window, or find out the features of delivery to a particular region.

Here you can leave applications for the desired hemp seeds and spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms. Here you are asked questions regarding the features of the GanjaSeeds online store. Forum participants can express gratitude to the resource or leave their wish to improve its work. It also raises issues of payment, delivery and feedback.

Sometimes the store administration places open vacancies here. Interest in growing cannabis can reward you not only with an exciting hobby, but also with a team of professionals. Gentlemen, an online store selling elite hemp seeds monthly arranges discounts and new promotions for its range of products. In this section, we highlight the latest news about contests and bonus programs held by the store.

It also raises issues of cooperation on the referral system. Following this section, you may be among the lucky ones to whom GanjaSeeds distributes hemp seeds for free. Gentlemen, the team of the GanjaSeeds online store guarantees customers the quality of the products offered. Seeds meet all international quality standards. The administration of the store pays special attention to the wishes of customers and tries to prudently resolve any conflict that arises. If you have any suggestions for improving the work of the store or if there is any negative situation with the manager or online consultant, then please create a topic in this section and talk about the difficulties that have arisen.

GanjaVIP - is a famous seedbank specializing in the development of unique cannabis varieties based on the rare landraces of Indica and Sativa. The assortment of the seedbank includes autoflowering feminized and photoperiod feminized cannabis hybrids. All strains are named after the famous Marvel comic book superheroes.

The qualities of the characters are surprisingly reflected in the appearance of the plants and their effect. Today, the seedbank team offers customers 15 varieties of cannabis, characterized by an unpretentious disposition, excellent flavoring qualities and high yield. Growing cannabis with seeds from Ganja VIP will be simple and troublesome. Cannabis seeds online store Bang Seeds is not just a trading platform selling elite nuts, but it is also a seedbank created by Kazakh growers.

Legendary landraces hailing from the famous Chuy valley were involved in the development of hybrids that the seedbank offers. Growing cannabis from the proposed material will not cause difficulties even for beginner gardeners. All strains are characterized by high productivity, malleability and unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions. Today, autoflowering feminized strains and photoperiodized feminized hemp seeds are available to customers. Over the years the forum has existed, our team managed to gain the trust of thousands of growers from different countries.

In addition to the most affordable prices, we guarantee quality, as well as impeccable customer service. Choosing a planetary community of GanjaLiveSeeds - you choose proven and quality hemp seeds. Additional discounts and bonuses are available for large wholesalers and regular customers. This section is dedicated to our partner GanjaBay - a national trading platform where gardeners can sell and buy hemp seeds, grow boxes and their accessories, as well as lighting, spores of psilocybin mushrooms, devices and much more.

The professional cultivation of cannabis or mushrooms sooner or later leads to the fact that the grower gets his own seed or spore material. At Ganja Bay, surplus can be sold at a free price. In this topic, you can ask questions, as well as publish suggestions for improving the work of the site, leave your wishes, thanks and feedback. GanjaExpert is another partner in our forum on cannabis cultivation, entheogens and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The resource is dedicated to the loudest news about the world of marijuana.

On its pages you will learn the latest discoveries of scientists in the study of hemp, as well as the latest festivals dedicated to cannabis culture. GanjaExpert does not bypass the cultivation of hemp. Some articles on the site are devoted to the problems of cultivation in Indore, outdoor and greenhouses, as well as the smell of flowering cannabis, pests and methods of dealing with them. The whole world is slowly but surely moving towards decriminalization and the full legalization of hemp, and GanjaExpert monitors the latest changes in the law and timely informs its readers and subscribers.

GanjaTeam is a blog dedicated to cannabis culture, the latest world news related to marijuana, as well as cannabis food, clothing and other know-how. Cannabis cultivation, as a separate topic, also comes up on the blog. Many useful articles on cultivation in Indore and on the street will help novice growers to understand the basics of groving and grow a great harvest.

The blog is in Georgian. Some articles cover areas such as cultivation techniques aimed at increasing yields, varieties for Indore and the street, the use of fertilizers, the necessary lighting, ventilation, and much more. Jahseeds provides an opportunity to buy hemp seeds in Ukraine from proven Dutch and Spanish producers.

The catalog of the online store contains the best varieties of cannabis, which guarantee a large and resinous harvest. This section is dedicated to the partner of our forum, the first Ukrainian magazine dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis JahPub. On the glossy pages of the magazine, hemp cultivation in the open ground and in the home greenhouse are highlighted, cultivation techniques, reviews of classic varieties and new products that stirred the market are published.

For connoisseurs of female beauty, the section "Jah Girls" is dedicated, and it will be a pleasure for beginner growers to look at reports on growing cannabis. Every year, breeders all over the world bring out new varieties of cannabis, characterized by high psychoactivity, unpretentiousness, bewitching aromas and attractive appearance. In this section of the forum, we have collected a real treasury of information about existing cannabis strains.

The collection contains descriptions of autoflowering, regular and feminized hybrids of various countries and seed banks. Only the most useful, the best techniques for growing hemp in the open field. It addresses the issues of pests, safety and the rules for the preparation of nutrient substrates. The cultivation of cannabis in the open ground is a real art, having mastered that the grower can provide himself with a rich crop of resinous inflorescences.

Growing hemp in a hydroponic plant is a great opportunity to significantly increase the yield of your favorite variety and get a large number of resinous inflorescences. Hydroponics - growing plants without soil. In this section we have collected the most relevant and useful articles about this growing method.

Have you got sick plants, attacked by pests or mold? You are in the right section. Here, forum participants discuss all kinds of cannabis, pests and methods of dealing with them. If you have any difficulties, feel free to create a theme and experienced gardeners will certainly help to resolve it and save the treasured harvest from death. Growing hemp in a home greenhouse can cause some difficulties for a novice gardener. This section contains the most useful information that a grower may need to decide to grow a bush or two in his room.

It addresses the issues of nutrient mixtures, equipment, grow boxes, ventilation, lighting and fertilizers. Hemp is a persistent plant with strong immunity and the ability to grow in various climatic conditions. But growers are not interested in the survival of a culture, but in its productivity. To increase the yield of their plants, many gardeners use fertilizers, additives and stimulants containing trace elements necessary for cannabis life.

This section contains useful articles on the rules for applying various fertilizers at different stages of the life cycle. In this section, forum participants will be able to learn all about the types of hemp seeds, get acquainted with the unique techniques for producing feminized seeds, and also get acquainted with the history of the emergence of some seedbanks. Experienced gardeners will share useful information about wild hemp, tell you what landraces are and tell you the facts about some of the legendary cannabis varieties.

The secrets of cannabis cloning will be revealed to anyone who decides to go into this section of the forum. Here are collected unique techniques, secrets and life hacks to get countless army of clones from one plant. It is possible to maintain the mother plant at the vegetative phase for six years.

Having correctly calculated everything, the gardener will have unlimited access to cuttings, from which bushes grow that have the same qualities as the mother. Cannabis is a dioecious plant. The most valuable are female unpolluted bushes sensimiglia. When the stalk begins to form seeds, then the production of resin stops. This section contains articles and tips on determining the sex of plants, timely identification of males and their removal from the general plantation.

Harvesting is the most enjoyable step in growing hemp. Grover took care of the plants for a long time, loved them and protected them. And now the long-awaited hour has come to reap the fruits of their labor. This section contains topics related to preparing plants for harvesting, rules for the treatment and storage of the final cultivation product.

1-ый гров, как 1-ая любовь - её нельзя запамятовать, она постоянно в памяти. Мы с радостью обучим каждого желающего, но есть несколько критерий, соблюсти которые нам велит законодательство. Dear applicants and wishing to enter our Academy of Grovers, the educational program of the Academy involves not only training lessons on growing cannabis, but is also divided into several thematic branches.

Each faculty has a narrowly focused training program. At the Faculty of Biology, students get acquainted with the basics of plant life, the rules for caring for them, the secrets of successfully crossing various hybrids and landrace, as well as obtaining high-quality seeds. At the Hydroponics courses, entrants will have an exciting journey into the world of hydroponic cultivation of plants without the use of dense substrates and earth.

More information about the faculties of the Academy can be found in this section of the forum. Dear applicants! Teachers at the Academy of Grovers will introduce you to the art of growing cannabis, answer all your questions not only during theoretical and practical classes, but also help to solve a difficult situation at any time of the day. The student and teacher will be able to freely communicate throughout the course seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

In this section, students of the Academy of Grovers, as well as guests of the forum, can leave any questions regarding the organization of courses, teaching staff, class schedules and educational methods. Feel free to ask questions. Only an inquiring mind can be fully satisfied. The hope that someone will ask the first question is just a trick of the mind that blocks the flow of new information. In this category of the forum, we will try to lay out the most detailed manuals and useful articles on the cultivation of hemp, from the choice of variety for cultivation, to harvest and the culture of marijuana use.

We will collect for you all the most interesting and useful in one place. By restorator Started 41 minutes ago. By GaGarrin Started 8 hours ago. By Владимир02 Started 4 hours ago. By Sumrak Started January Крайние изображения из галереи 0. Интернет-магазин GanjaSeeds любит дарить подарки! Start new topic Forums. Newbie Questions This section is dedicated to beginner growers.

Growing Growing hemp is an entertaining process that can go smoothly and easily with the proper awareness of the grower. Seed germination This section of our forum is devoted to the preparation of seed before planting in a nutrient substrate. Outdoor Growing cannabis in open ground may seem like a simple and intricate activity. Indoor This section has a lot of useful information for connoisseurs of home groves. Hydroponics Growing cannabis in a hydroponic plant is of great interest to both beginner gardeners and experienced growers.

Fertilizers, growth stimulants and all about them Fertilizers for hemp are a great opportunity to increase cannabis productivity, as well as help plants reach their full potential. Poisons against plant pests, fungicides - agents against fungal infections Plant pests Pest control This topic is devoted to all kinds of pests that can nullify all the efforts of the grower and ruin the entire crop.

Plant problems The cultivation of cannabis in open ground and in a home greenhouse can be associated with many unpredictable factors that adversely affect plant health. Cannabis FAQ Useful Manuscripts and Videos Here are collected the most common questions of gardeners regarding the cultivation of hemp, equipping grow boxes, proper lighting, land, hydroponics, seed germination and much more.

Dropshipping Dropshipping is not just a mutually beneficial cooperation scheme, but also a surprisingly simple way to make good money without investing. Cannabis seeds at wholesale prices Would you like to buy elite hemp seeds at wholesale prices? Cooperation In this section, we have described in detail the types of possible cooperation.

Spore prints at wholesale prices In this section, we offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at wholesale prices. GROW Master! The best club reports This section is dedicated to the best reports of visitors to our forum. Indoor Reporting Seed testing We devoted this section to the reports of experienced gardeners and novice ethnobotanists who preferred the cultivation of hemp in Indore over street cultivation.

Outdoor reports Seed testing This section of the forum focuses on reporting street cannabis cultivation. Hydroponics reports Growing hemp in hydroponics is one of the peaks of Grover craftsmanship, which differs from classical cultivation in that the plant receives nutrients from the nutrient solution in which its root system is immersed.

Mini box reports In this section of the forum you will find photographs of growers growing cannabis in mini-boxes, or as they are also called, in stealth boxes. Ground group reports This section is dedicated to reporting on cannabis cultivation exclusively on soil mixtures.

Grow reports on the organic The cultivation of cannabis on organic matter is a real art, allowing the gardener to get a first-class product that is distinguished by excellent flavoring qualities and effect. Auto-flowering plant grow groups Growing autoflowering cannabis varieties is a fairly simple process that even an inexperienced gardener can handle. LED reports The cultivation of cannabis at home is associated with the need for proper lighting.

Competitive reports Dear friends, our forum often hosts contests and various draws. Newbie growups This section of the forum is dedicated to reports by novice gardeners. Boxing workshop Welcome to the workshop, where our craftsmen make real masterpieces with their own hands - growboxes for growing cannabis. Other reports Here we post reports that are not included in other sections.

Grove technique. Greenhouses This section of the forum is devoted directly to issues related to the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. Mushroom reports The cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is a real art that anyone can comprehend. Mushroom cultivation Mushroom photo albums This section is devoted to the classic and innovative methods of growing hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as issues arising in the process of cultivation. Lamps and lighting The best lighting for any plant, of course, is the sun, but what if the grower decides to cultivate cannabis at home?

Grourumy and grouboksy In this section, forum participants will be able to learn about the latest innovations in the production of green boxes, get acquainted with the schemes and methods of self-assembly of a home greenhouse and its types.

Save seeds Here you will learn how to store cannabis and how to protect yourself in the process of growing it. Equipment and devices This section is devoted to the equipment necessary for obtaining a smart crop. Literature This section contains useful reading for the grover. Vegetable crops It raises the theme of growing vegetables, ways to increase productivity, fertilizers, varieties of vegetables, as well as difficulties encountered in the process of growing them.

Fruit crops This section is devoted to the cultivation of fruit crops. Other types of crops Here we are talking about herbs, exotic plants that can be grown on your windowsill or in the garden. Care, fertilizers, pests, poisons The cultivation of fruit, vegetables and other crops is often accompanied by attacks of harmful insects, and the garden plot turns into a real battlefield, where the fighting is not for life but for death.

Reports This topic is dedicated to the reports of our forum participants. Plants Entheogens. Literature, methods and techniques of cultivation Welcome to the truly magical plants section. Plant Growing Reports In this section, we post reports on the expression of entheogens - mystical plants, the use of which allows you to enter an altered state of consciousness and take a different look at the world.

Entheogens and Mushrooms. General entertaining information We devoted this section to notes, articles, and also useful literature on entheogens and psilocybin fungi. Archive Конкурсы года Конкурсы Конкурсы Укуренное графоманство Архив Dear friends, our forum has been around for 10 years. Feedback We created this section specifically to discuss individual issues related to the work of the forum and its moderation.

Leisure General Computer forum Here, forum participants can share their favorite films, music with like-minded people, discuss a series or other entertainment event. Marijuana and Health General The medicine This section discusses the treatment of various diseases and international medical experience in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Rastafari Dreadlocks Rastamans, she is Rastafarians - adherents of one religious movement, which does not require a certain participation in any events, sacraments and services. Hemp derivatives We devoted this section of the forum to cannabis derivatives, and also posted recipes for its almost non-waste use. Smoking devices All about smoking devices, bongs, pipes, as well as how to make artisan express devices for smoking cannabis.

Law Leisure Law General Law Legalization Here we have collected articles directly or indirectly relating to marijuana legislation, as well as notes on upcoming changes in the laws of those countries where cannabis decriminalization has already begun.

Travels In this section of our forum, guests and registered users share information about the best seasons and countries where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. About life The forum participants brought a little philosophy, life wisdom to this section, and also posted various stories by spiritual teachers and masters of life. Humor This section is about funny stories and funny stories. Ladies section We devoted this section to the beautiful half of the participants in our forum.

Free discussion of any topics. Oh Sports! You are Sports! Sports forum for everyone! Locations Here we are talking about the places where cannabis grows, about countries where it is partially decriminalized or fully legalized. Administration of the People Market Charity for Contests In this section you have placed the contacts of the administration of the national trading platform Ganja Bay.

Hemp and other plant seeds In this section, visitors to the forum can post ads for the purchase or sale of hemp seeds and other plants. Mushroom spores Growing psilocybin mushrooms sooner or later ends with the production of spore prints. Lighting Growing cannabis at home requires certain equipment, including high-quality lighting. Ventilation and Filter This section contains the announcement of the forum participants about the purchase and sale of ventilation.

Measuring technique Here you can find announcements about buying and selling measuring equipment: PH and TDS meters, timers and microscopes. Boxes, Groutents, Tents, Stealth Here are the ads for buying and selling growboxes. Bongs, tubes, vaporizers, hookahs The use of cannabis is an exceptional ceremony that can deliver aesthetic pleasure to the Rastafarian.

Fertilizers The cultivation of cannabis at home and in the open ground can be carried out, both with the use of fertilizing and without them. Miscellaneous and Handmade Here you can buy or sell everything that did not fall into other sections of the forum. Free section In this section, participants in our forum distribute cannabis seeds for free, provide free advice to beginner gardeners, and donate various equipment for growing cannabis.

Exchange At our forum, participants have the opportunity to exchange cannabis seeds, spores of psilocybin mushrooms, sowing material of entheogens, as well as equipment for growing cannabis, knowledge, literature, films and all kinds of usefulness.

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